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Vauxhall Instruction Sheets
All instructions sheets open as a pdf file.
SBD Motorsport Engine Running-in Procedure
2.0L XE Engine Specifications | 1.6L 16v Engine Specifications | 1.4L 16v Engine Specifications
Fuel Injection Setup
2.0L CAN ECU Taper Throttle Kit Instructions Vauxhall Taper Throttle kit 1.6L - 1.4L SBD Taper Throttle Kit instructions
2.0L Taper Throttle Body throttle cable information 1.6L Taper throttle cable holder
2.0L Serial ECU Taper Throttle Kit Instructions  
TP-VX-2.0L-K3 Dimensions SBD K3 Taper Throttle Kit Rebuild Instructions
Multi Throttle Set up Group N Instructions (for information only - discontinued)
Vauxhall Multi-throttle kit 2.0L Multi Throttle Kit Fitting Instructions GRN 175 BHP 2.0L LN D-Less
Car Loom Connector for Astra MK2 GRN 175 BHP 2.0L XE D-Drive
MT Throttle bodies balancing procedure  
2.0L Multi-throttle body throttle cable information  
Camshafts Cambelt & Pulley
Vauxhall camshafts 2.0L XE Camshaft fitting instructions
1.6L & 1.4L VX Camshaft fitting instructions
Camshaft timing instructions
Camshaft running in procedure
Camshaft Timing & Lift sheets
Measuring tappet gap for shim
Cambelts & idler bearings 2.0L Cambelt & Pulley arrangements
1.6L Cambelt & Pulley arrangement
Idler Bearings Instructions
2.0L Vernier Pulley teeth types
1.4L & 1.6L Vernier pulley tooth type
Torque Settings Rod Bolts & Bearing Procedures Cooling Systems Cylinder heads
1.4L - 1.6L 16v Rod bolt instructions 2.0L XE Cooling system with heater Coscast head identification
2.0L XE 16v   2.0L XE Cooling system without heater Difference between 2.0L head bolts
2.0L XE SBD Cometic gasket 5-layer Pistons 2.0L XE cooling system with electric water pump  
2.0L XE SBD Cometic gasket 7-layer Bore preparation for Omega Pistons    
2.5 V6      
2.0L Flywheel bolts      
1.6L Flywheel bolts      
Oil systems
2.0L XE Dry sump fitting instructions Vauxhall dry sump kit Remote Filter oil flow directions
Connections for SBD dry sump systems 2.0L Low line Aluminium Sump Instructions
Connections for SBD dry sump systems 1.6L Low line sump baffle
Dry sump dimensions - Ultra Low Line Manta pick up pipe & 16v baffle modification
Dry sump dimensions - Twin trough 2.0L big wing sump modification
Plumbing of remote filter dry sump 2.0L 16v SBD cam cover breather Modification
Nylon relief valve kit 1.6L Breather Modification
Micro Cool filter instructions Corsa Oil Catch Tank
Plumbing of Heat exchanger SBD XE Oil recommendation
Plumbing of remote filter wet sump  
Alternators Exhaust Systems Engine Mount Kits
ALT-SM2-B & ALT-SM3-B wiring instructions Carbon & Steel Exhaust box repacking instructions Engine Mount kit instructions
Fitting 2.0L XE SBD alternator adjuster for ALT-SM2-B    
Fitting 1.6L VX SBD alternator brackets for ALT-SM2-B    
Fitting 50Amp Denso Alternator to Caterham 2.0L XE engine    
CAN based MBE ECU & Sensor Instruction Sheets | Serial based MBE ECU & Sensor Instruction Sheets
Vauxhall Kits & Components

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