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Vauxhall 2.0L XE Taper Throttle Injection Kits (TP Kits)
For full details and specification of our basic kit & upgrades, please click on the links below.
TP208 Taper Throttle Kit Vauxhall Taper throttle 225bhp kit Vauxhall Taper throttle Kit 230bhp Vauxhall Taper throttle 250+bhp kit Vauxhall Taper throttle 270+bhp kit Vauxhall Taper throttle 290+bhp kit
TP208bhp kit TP225bhp kit TP230bhp kit TP250bhp kit TP270+bhp kit TP300bhp kit
If you wish to upgrade an existing kit, please contact us for information & prices.
All these kits come complete with an MBE ECU which is already programmed & ready to use, however for our higher specification kits we would recommend a mapping session to fine-tune the engine.
These kits will yield their true potential only when used in conjunction with of our exhaust manifold or one made to our design and a suitable exhaust system.
Please note that most of the kits do not include oil system upgrades, this is because it will depend on the type of car & the rules of the Championship you will be using it for but it is recommended that a Dry sump system is used if possible.
When setting up the throttle body kit, it is recommended you use a syncrometer as shown in the instruction sheets, they are available from us, part number CRB-SYNCRO. CRB-SYNCRO Syncrometer
Taper throttle bodies

Taper Throttle Bodies vs Parallel (Multi-throttle) Body type

What are the advantages?


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