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Vauxhall 2.0L XE Taper Throttle 230bhp Kit
For 2.0 Litre 16V XE & LN Engine

The 2nd upgrade for the 2.0L taper throttle kits has been designed to produce good top end bhp, while still producing excellent low down & mid-range torque. The kit includes a MBE Ecu which has been programmed & ready to use. This upgrade will provides an increase up to 230bhp. This has been achieved through the use of our latest design in fast acceleration high lift cam profiles and a change from hydraulic to solid followers.

TP208 kit
2.0L Exhaust Manifolds
All our kits have been developed using exhaust manifold designs that have been dyno tested and developed by ourselves.  In order to achieve the optimum performance from your kit, you will need to have an exhaust manifold made to our design.  When you purchase the kit, this information will be included.

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2.0L Vauxhall Components

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