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Vauxhall 2.0L XE Taper Throttle 225bhp Kit
For 2.0 Litre 16V XE & LN Engine
The first upgrade has been designed to provide an increase of approx 20 bhp over the basic kit yet retaining the ultra smooth power delivery without losing any of the driveability. TP208 kit
2.0L Taper Throttle 225bhp kit graph
These figures have been obtained on Griffin Motorsport Dyno

The MBE ECU comes ready programmed & ready to use. This increase in power has been achieved by developing a pair of hydraulic cam profiles with a reasonable increase in duration but a high lift, which produces what was needed.

2.0L Vauxhall Taper Throttle Kit Instructions

TP-VX-2.0L-K3 Dimensions

Due to the high lift cams, special springs, caps & spring platforms are needed. Also the pistons need to be replaced with Omega high compression pistons; these have deeper valve pockets. You should be looking to achieve 11.2:1 compression ratio, you may need to machine the crown or use a thicker Cometic head gasket to achieve this desired result.

This kit still allows you to retain the use of the standard Bosch Cream Injectors, Part No.0280 150 744, as fitted to the 2.0L XE engine, however as with the basic kit, if your injectors are tired you may wish to replace them with our pattern version INJ-744-P.

As this option produces extra horsepower & torque, it pushes the standard injectors to the upper end of their specifications

We can tailor the kit to your needs, email us for more information.

Email received this year from Hugh Holdaway of Staplehurst, Kent who with the owner Martin Page rallies an Escort Mk2 with this kit:

'The car belongs to Martin Page, the engine is a 2 litre XE fitted with the SBD 225 kit - we finished 2nd in class on the cars first event! Not bad considering the day before the event there was no engine in the car! We wouldn't have made it to the event without SBD - lots of help and advice (being open Christmas eve saved us too!) so a big thank you again to everyone there.'

Martin Page & Hugh Holdaway
Camshafts & valve train components
PIST-OM87.00XS Pistons
2.0L Exhaust Manifolds
All our kits have been developed using exhaust manifold designs that have been dyno tested and developed by ourselves.  In order to achieve the optimum performance from your kit, you will need to have an exhaust manifold made to our design.  When you purchase the kit, this information will be included.

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2.0L Vauxhall Components

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