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We have 25+ years experience in engine management electronics and race engine technology, with access to industry leading manufacturers, we design our own specialist engine packages to fulfil a broad range of customer requirements for motorsport worldwide.
Vauxhall Ford Duratec Suzuki Hayabusa Ford EcoBoost
Graham Ford 2.0L Vauxhall
SBD Westfield 2.0L Duratec
SBD OMS Supercharged 1300cc Hayabusa
1.6L Ford EcoBoost
2.0L Vauxhall 2.4L Duratec   1.6L EcoBoost
300bhp/200lbft torque 327bhp/225lbft torque 354bhp/327lbft torque

We are the main distributors for MBE management systems for fuel injection & ignition only ECUs, these systems can be used on all types of car & bike engines from 8v Vauxhall engines to Ferrari engines. Easimap software is available to download for FREE to program your MBE ECU.

Parts & Kits Instruction Sheets Cars  
Kits and Components Instruction Sheets Customers Cars Please our new website for product prices
A comprehensive list of parts we stock, please contact us for specific applications or parts required but not listed.
If you are looking for information on fitting our kits & parts, a range of instruction sheets has be produced to assist you.
Case studies of our products in customers cars.You may find a similar setup to what you are looking for in your car.
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