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2.0L Vauxhall Cylinder Heads, head modifications & components


New Vauxhall 2.0L XE/LN/Turbo 16v GM Coscast cylinder heads

HEAD-CYL-1  XE Coscast cylinder head
Coscast cylinder head
Coscast Head, please click here for how to identify a Coscast Head
2.0L Vauxhall Cometic Laminated Metal Head Gaskets
Cylinder Headwork
Prices are based on cylinder heads being supplied by customer, however we can supply new cylinder heads, please contact us for details. The maximum performance figures shown are based on using our components; we cannot confirm what your gains would be with non-SBD components.
Part No Description
HEAD-M-VX2.0-01-SV-CNC 2.0L VX XE - CNC Port work, Steel valves sizes 33mm/29mm with new bronze guides, potential up to 265bhp. The cylinder head work for this engine was originally created for Group A type engines, where standard valve size has to be retained.
HEAD-M-VX2.0-01-BV-CNC 2.0L VX XE - CNC Port work, Steel valves sizes 34mm/30mm with re-cut seats & bronze guides, potential up to 280bhp. This cylinder head specification was developed to allow the use of +1mm valves on both inlet & exhaust, it gives a good improvement over the standard valve size with only a minor increase in cost & should be considered instead of HEAD-M-VX2.0-01-SV-CNC.
HEAD-M-VX2.0-02-BV-CNC 2.0L VX XE - CNC Port work, Steel valves sizes 35mm/31mm with new seats & bronze guides, potential up to 320bhp. This is the highest specification cylinder head work we do for the 2.0L engine, but can only be used with slipper pistons due to valve clearance. It should also only be considered when used with our combination of high specification components otherwise the full potential of the cylinder head will not be seen.
HEAD-M-VX2.3-02-BV-CNC 2.3L VX XE - CNC Port work, Steel valves sizes 35mm/31mm with new seats & bronze guides, potential up to 320bhp.

Head Modifications
Part No. Description
HEAD-CLC-1 Mod Cam area for lobe clearance 2.0L
HEAD-M-COOLING Head cool mods spec 1 + block
HEAD-M-DBR1 Deburr cylinder head
HEAD-SRT-1 Remove dizzy mount and plug 16V

Head Components
Part No. Description
HD-1 Head to block dowels
HEAD-DWL-CM Dowel for head cam caps
HD-PLG-1 Rear Head plug M22 x 1.5 blank

Head Bolts
Part No. Description
BLT-H1 Head bolt 2.0L 16v pre 93
BLT-H1-STUD-KIT ARP Head Stud Kit 2.0L 16v pre 93
BLT-H2 Head bolt 2.0L 16v 93on
Head stud kit

Download the pdf instruction sheet for the difference between BLT-H1 & BLT-H2

Complete instructions for BLT-H1-STUD-KIT are including with the kit.

Main Cap Bolts & Studs
Part No Descriptions
BLT-MK1 Heavy Duty Main Cap bolt Set - Early 2.0L
BLT-MK2 Heavy Duty Main Cap bolt Set - Late LN & ECOTEC 2.0L
BLT-MK-STUD-VX-2.0L ARP Main stud kit Vauxhall 2.0L XE. The ARP main stud kit takes up more space than the original main cap bolts or our replacement MK1 & MK2 sets. This is due to the fact that there is a stud and nut. Please check clearance within your sump pan as modification may be required to it to allow clearance. Also check the main caps as there are a few variations in main cap height to ensure correct fitment of stud and nut.
2.0L Vauxhall Kits & Parts

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