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Hayabusa Air Filters, Back Plates & Gaskets

A competition ITG foam air filter is intended to be re-usable, meaning that it can be cleaned as long as the ITG recommendations are adhered to, and while this is certainly true, we have found after longer periods of use there is no substitute for a new Air Filter, as dirt gradually becomes ingrained which you cannot remove, over time this makes its way through the filter and into the engine causing accelerated wear.

The filter should always be oiled to collect the dirt particles. OIL-AR-FLTR - ITG Dust Retention Coating (200ml Aerosol)

ITG Air Filter Sausage will fit up to 90mm Long x 90mm diameter ram pipes. It is available in 3 depths.

AR-FS40-065 Internal depth 65mm
AR-FS40-100 Internal depth 100mm
AR-FS40-125 Internal depth 125mm, will fit both straight & curved redesigned air horns (shown right)

ITG Air filter dimensions
AR-BP-BUSA-3/JC40 Alloy back plate AR-BP-BUSA-2/JC40 (below)   Air filter back plates
Laser cut Alloy air filter backplate produced by ITG to our design for SBD throttle bodies ('99 - '07 engines).

AR-BP-BUSA-2/JC40 Backplate for SBD throttle bodies

AR-BP-BLK-40(far right)

Alloy Back Plate blank for JC40
AR-BP-BUSA-3/JC40 (above) AR-BP-BUSA-1/JC40(right)
Laser cut Alloy air filter backplate produced by ITG to our design for SBD Twin throttle bodies ('08 onward engines) Alloy Air Filter Backplate Laser cut for Busa, holes have been set off centre to allow for the curved air horns ('99 - '07 engines)

Cometic gaskets
Cometic Laminated metal head gaskets
Official Cometic Dealer
GSK-SUZ-H-HC- Hayabusa head gasket

These gaskets are designed for high stress applications and in our tests are impervious to problems experienced when using pump fuels in high compression engines and in our opinion no other gasket comes close to the Cometic gasket. It is available in 4 bore sizes and .030" thick.




Engine Case Gasket Set in Cometic AFM

GSK-SUZ-H-ECC-AFM Hayabusa engine gasket set
Cometic Base Gasket Spring Viton Steel 0.010" Thick
GSK-SUZ-H-BC-010 Hayabusa base gasket
Hayabusa Kits & Components List

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