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Hayabusa Instruction Sheets
All instruction sheets are pdf downloads
SBD Motorsport Engine Running-in Procedure
Throttle Body Set up instructions
SBD Hayabusa 2008-on Twin Tapered throttle body set up instructions
GSXR Injection Set up Instructions - Standard Throttle Bodies
SBD Hayabusa Tapered throttle body set-up instructions
Wiring Instructions
LM9A4-GSXR-M-OMS-2 Wiring harness Installation Instructions Trickshifter Timer with SBD Throttle Bodies
LM9A4-GSXR-M-OMS Wiring Harness Installation Instructions Trickshifter Timer with Standard Throttle Bodies
Hayabusa Crank Sensor Wiring to MBE 9A4/9A8/992 To Engine LM995-DISPLAY-GSXR-01 Instructions
24-1 Trigger wheel Oil Pressure Warning light
24-2 Trigger wheel Hayabusa Regulator Wiring
PIST-BUSA-81.00-1.3SC03 Setup sheet
Bore preparation for Omega Pistons
Camshafts Cooling System
Camshaft Timing Instruction Sheet SBD Hayabusa cooling system with electric water pump
Camshaft running in procedure  
Camshaft fitting instructions  
Torque Settings Main Cap Studs
Hayabusa GSXR Torque settings BLT-MK-STUD-BUSA-02 Fitting Instructions
Rod Bolts Fuel Systems
Instructions & Torque settings for use in SBD steel rods Fuel system with swirl pot
  Fuel system without swirl pot
Oil Systems Clutch & Gearbox Modifications
Dry Sump Installation Instructions Billet clutch fitting instructions
Dry Sump Installation Instructions pre 11/09  
Installation Instruction for SMP-6K-BUSA  
Micro Cool filter instructions  
SBD Hayabusa Oil recommendation  
CAN based MBE ECU & Sensor Instruction Sheets
Hayabusa Specific Frequently Asked Questions
Hayabusa Kits & Components List

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