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Hayabusa Pistons & Rods
All pistons & rods are for Hayabusa '99 - '07 engines.
Bore preparation for Omega Pistons*
PIST-BUSA-81.00-1.3SC03 Hayabusa pistons for supercharger ROD-SUZ-1.3BUSA-S-01 Steel rod set


Hayabusa Con-rod 1300/1400cc for 63mm Stroke 20mm pin
Hayabusa Con-rod 1300/1400cc TURBO/Supercharged for 63mm Stroke 20mm pin
Suzuki Busa 81mm Pistons Supercharger Type 1299cc. Can also be used for Turbo engines.
PIST-BUSA-81.00-1.3SC03 Setup sheet
Instructions & Torque settings for rod bolts used in SBD Steel Rods

PIST-OM-BUSA-84.00-1.4XS Hayabusa slipper pistons   ROD-SUZ-1.3-BUSA-S-02 Hayabusa steel con-rods
Specially designed slipper pistons in conjunction with Omega, 84mm for the 1396cc engine, the piston is special bridged type version. It is produced on a machine, which is used to manufacture Moto-GP pistons & they are machined out of solid. The raw piston on it’s own weighs 201g & with rings & gudgeon pin 263g. In order to make the piston as compact & efficient as possible, it only has two rings. The skirt has a special low friction coating & uses a new smaller 18mm pin, which is identical in construction to GP version. We have also designed con-rod that you will need to run.
This steel rod has been designed for
use with our new slipper piston, it is made from a new lighter weight
material & has an 18mm pin size & 123.5mm between centres, weight 322g. Designed for use up to 13000rpm.

Also available is the high specification Pistal piston for the Hayabusa engine, we have seen significant gains in our kits due to their ultra lightweight design.  They are used in a range of our Hayabusa kits. They are available for both the Gen 1 & Gen 2 engines.

PIST-PI-BUSA-81.00-1.3XS - Suzuki Hayabusa 81mm pistons 1299cc for Gen 1 engines, compression 13.5:1

PIST-PI-BUSA-84.00-1.4XS - Suzuki Hayabusa 84mm pistons 1396cc for Gen 1 engines, compression 13.5:1

PIST-PI-BUSA-81.00-1.34XS - Suzuki Hayabusa 81mm pistons 1340cc for Gen 2 engines, compression 13.5:1

Hayabusa Kits & Components List

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