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Serial type MBE ECUs Pin Out & Related Wiring Information
This information is suitable for the older serial based ECUs..

We would recommend that you only use a laptop/computer with a serial port which is fitted as standard when using our mapping leads or professional mapping kits, since you are likely to experience problems when using a USB to serial convertor. The main reason for this is that serial port technology is now very old & not supported by computer manufacturers, in addition every Window update appears to make the computers less compatible with such adaptors..

If you do have connection problems of this type, we would recommend you contact a computer expert for assistance as we cannot offer support for this issue because of the large variety of computer set-ups & operating systems that are available.

Unfortunately we had to stop producing the MBE967 a couple of years ago, although it was a very nice ECU, the components that were used to build it were becoming harder to find. Also serial technology has become obsolete as far as computer manufacturers were concerned quite sometime before this, so now all our current ECUs use USB to CAN technology. We have one engineer at MBE whose main task is to try to keep up with the updates that Windows carry out on virtually a daily basis to make sure our current technology remains exactly that. Therefore it is impossible to make discontinued ECUs compatible with Window7/USB combination.

Due to the serial based ECUs now being very old means of support of this type of unit is becoming difficult and the cost to the customer for support is more expensive than they may wish to spend. We have provided as much information as possible in this section and the password for the Advanced level is 'extras'. The Master level password is 'maximum'.

If you feel this is beyond your skills, you will need to find one of our dealers who has the equipment and is still able to work on these older type ECUs or if you do contact us directly for technical support, this is charged at a minimum of an hour which currently is £100 + VAT (as at June 2015). Please call 0208 391 0121 stating that you require technical assistance for pin-out & wiring issues. Have your credit card details readily available.

MBE Serial Datastream set up
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When purchasing second hand ECUs, please note the following;

If the ECU is still a current issue i.e. advertised on our web site, it can be reprogrammed, costs from £90 per unit.

If the ECU is an older model, it is recommended that the ECU be only used for the type of engine it is already programmed for. If you require an older model reprogrammed, costs are from £125 per unit dependant on the age of the ECU. It can cost more for the unit to be reprogrammed than the purchase of new ECU. In addition, if the unit breaks, the older units (e.g. 912-900) are irreparable.

Testing/Repair of ECUs

If your ECU requires testing and/or repairing, the ECU must be sent to us with full details of the fault.

Testing only costs from £90 + VAT: Testing & Repairs costs from £150 + VAT

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