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1.6L Ford EcoBoost Flywheel & Clutch
FLY-W-ECO-03 1.6L EcoBoost flywheel


We have developed a flywheel for use on the 1.6L Ford EcoBoost to accept the 7.25" clutch. This size of clutch has been chosen due to the high level of torque possible for the 1.6L EcoBoost engine. The flywheel is very lightweight at 3.9kg, it is produced with an intergral ring gear and designed for use with an OEM starter motor STR-ECO1.6L-01. Even with this lightweight flywheel our own engine idles beautifully at 850rpm and allows the engine to accelerate rapidly giving the response that is normally only acheived on a normally aspirated engine.

Only recommended for use with our FLY-B-ECO-01 flywheel bolts.

£280.00 exc VAT (£336.00 inc VAT)

We have produced a 7.25" clutch for use on the 1.6L EcoBoost, this has been designed for us by Super Clutch to cope with the level of torque that is possible from this engine.  The reason we have chosen the 7.25" clutch opposed to anything smaller for motorsport use is that a twin plate of this size is more able to cope with the torque, whereas anything smaller would require more than 2 drive plates to cope.  Although designed predominately for motorsport and track use, the clutch still has a reasonably light operation and could be used on the road on some occasions. Please contact us direct for to discuss your requirements.


The ARP flywheels we stock give improved strength over the standard item and perfect for use with the 1.6L EcoBoost in standard form and with their increased strength able to cope with the higher levels of torque generated by the tuned versions. Perfect for use with our uprated flywheel.

£48.13 exc VAT (£57.76 inc VAT)

FLY-B-ECO-01 1.6L EcoBoost flywheel bolts
7.25" Clutch is suitable for this flywheel. The combination will be dependant on your engine specification & usage. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 7.25" Clutch combination
1.6L EcoBoost Kits & Components

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