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1.6L Ford EcoBoost 300+bhp Kit

The 300bhp kit has been developed using a Turbo Technics hybrid turbo, it is effectively still a standard engine with the addition of this hybrid turbo. As you can see from the graph, this specification shows a significant improvement over the standard turbo. The kit contains basically the same components as the 227bhp kit but also the hybrid turbo.

The kit price £6503.59 (£7804.30 inc VAT)

1.6L Ford EcoBoost with Turbo Technics hybrid turbo 1.6L Ford EcoBoost 301bhp graph

MBE9A6 ECU 4-cylinder direct injection ECU.
MBE9A6 ECU Technical Specification

We have designed and developed a wiring harness specifically for this application, which is made in full Raychem military spec wiring, this harness can then have additional features added via its interface connector as and when required by the user. More information

LM9A6-CUSTOM Wiring harness




This pedal sensor adapter loom is supplied as part of the kit and is 500mm long. We have standard off the shelf versions LM9A6-A-P-01, which allow you to connect our recommended choice of pedal sensor EGAS-P-01-SH. If you pick your own sensor, we will make an adapter for you to suit. Please read the information below on pedal sensor options.

AT2 Air temperature sensor


The AT2 air temp sensor is a more robust sensor, the sensitive tip is fitted within a plastic housing to improve durability.  This sensor is ideal for use in turbo, supercharged and other high stress applications.


Mapping kit for MBE CAN ECUs, translates the information from your high speed USB port to the CAN data required by the ECU. This hardware can be used as a simple diagnostic tool to analyse the ECU, update software, transfer whole ECU chip files, modify & edit maps. Live Map can be used on MBE9A4 ECUs onwards.

CAN Connector

If you have this part fitted to your harness (red, yellow & black type), when using any of our mapping kits you would need to buy this adapter MBE-MAP-KIT-3-CAN-ADP3.



This adaptor is used to link the MBE985 & MBE973 to SBD Wiring harnesses, you will need one of these to use the above mapping kits. We've fitted the small 4-way superseal connector to all our harnesses because it is neat & compact and allows us to link & power other MBE systems together. MBE OBD to CAN Pin Out Details (MBE985/973)

Optional Extras

*EGAS-P-01-SH £150.00 (£180.00 inc VAT)

We regularly use this pedal sensor because it is ideal for converting a cable throttle set up to EGAS/Electronic throttle due to the fact that it can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle, then you can connect your standard throttle cable to it and make your own mounting to hold the sensor in place as opposed to replacing your pedal box.

If you already have your own pedal sensor, please confirm before ordering the part number of the pedal sensor and what production car it comes from. We will then check the MBE list of already calibrated pedal sensors to see if it has already been done. If not you will have to send us the pedal sensor and there will be a small charge of £50 + VAT to calibrate.

EGAS-P-01-SH Pedal sensor
LMBDA-04 £120.00 (£144.00 inc VAT)
Wide band lambda sensor, it is currently the most accurate & toughest sensor produced by Bosch to cope with harsh environment & is a significant improvement over previous versions. If you have purchased the standard engine complete with downpipe, it will quite often equipped with this sensor as standard and provided it is in perfect condition with its original connector still in place, it can be used.
LMBDA-04 Lambda sensor
1.6L EcoBoost Kits & Components

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