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Wiring Looms

SBD Standard Fuel Injection Wiring Harness

These have been specially designed to be as neat as possible and to cover as many applications as possible. These wiring looms are kept on the shelf with a selection of coil adaptors which will allow you to fit to a range of ignition coils.

Please view our full range of MBE Management systems, which includes the latest MBE9A4 ECU

LM9A4-RWD Standard loom rear wheel drive version

LM9A4-FWD Standard loom front wheel drive version, also suitable for mid engine cars

LM9A4 FWD-RWD Basic Wiring and Relay information

Wiring Instructions & Pin Out Details for CAN type MBE ECUs

Wiring Instructions & Pin Out Details for Serial type MBE ECUs

Duratec Crank sensor wiring

Instructions to open wiring harness/ECU connector to add pins/splice additional wires


We also produce a coil-on-plug wiring harness for the Duratec 2.0L engine

LM9A4-FWD Wiring harness
The relays have been designed to use a standard type relay available from any motor factor, in the picture shown you will see they have individual terminals. These are used to prevent issues that could occur with vibration when relay bases were used. Each individual connector is self locking & the sleeve has to be pulled back on each wire to release it from the relay, this makes a perfect vibration proof connection. Each wire is colour coded & you will receive a simple diagram with the harness to show the colours.
You have a choice of coil connectors dependant on your coil pack, either pre-08 or post-08. Please advise us which coil pack you are running when ordering the harness.
COIL-9 Pre 2008 coil Pre 2008 coil connector COIL-9
Pre-08 coil pack
requires an oval black/blue connector
COIL-9-08 Coil 2008 onwards 2008 onwards coil connector COIL-9-08
Post-08 coil pack
requires a square black/blue connector
WTS1 Water temperature sensor Coolant Temperature Sensor
We have fitted a mini-timer connector for the coolant sensor, this allows the use of the more commonly available & more widely used Bosch/Lucas type sensor. If your engine is not fitted with this sensor, they are available from us, part number WTS1.
    LM-CRK-3-2-DURA-1000 Crank extension lead
CRK-SEN-6 Duratec crank sensor Crank Sensor
Crank sensors are available from us, part number CRK-SEN-6. You may require a crank extension lead LM-CRK-3-2-DURA-1000 to adapt the Crank position sensor connector to 2 way.
AT1 Air temperature sensor Air Temperature Sensor
The air temperature sensor connector has a two-way mini-timer, which will connect to the Bosch/Lucas type sensor. We normally recommend that this measures ambient air temperature as opposed to being fitted to the air filter back plate which normally suffers from heat stroke in most installations particularly rallying, sprinting, etc. where the car is kept stationary with a hot engine for periods of time. Only forced induction system must have the air temp sensor in the intake or engines where they are used for endurance events where the sensors are continually cooled by passing air. NOTE: a sensor once heat soaked takes on average 5-10 minutes of running in fresh air before it begins to measure a true incoming air temperature. SBD part number AT1

MBE995 shown here with the additional wiring harness required to connect it to your car's main harness.

Instruction Sheet for connecting to car main wiring harness*

Connectors at bottom of picture plug into the car's main harness, see above

LM-LAUNCH-UG-03 Launch wiring


Launch upgrade for MBE9A4/9A8 ECUs with 8 Position dial (1-7 launch setting & 8 is off) & launch button. Needs clutch switch CLT-SWT. Suitable for Vauxhall, Duratec & Hayabusa engines.

Fitting Instructions for LM-LAUNCH-UG-03



Helmet Bleeper to signify gear change & low oil pressure with 1/4" jackplug & special bleeper harness to connect to car's main wiring harness. 1.5m length. For use with MBE9A4 ECU.

These items are available separately

LM-BLEEPER-KIT-02 Helmet bleeper kit

Ignition Only Wiring Harness


Wiring loom for distributorless ignition only with CAN connector, interface connector 4-way sureseal, crank position sensor, coil connector (add to suit your requirements) & chassis ground.

Please note when ordering the loom please specify use is for Ford, the correct coil connector will be supplied.

LM9A4I-IC-WS-01 Ignition only wiring harness
LM-CRK-3-2-DURA-1000 Crank extension lead


You may require a crank extension lead to adapt the crank position sensor connector to 2-way.

LM-TP-ADP-01 Throttle position sensor adaptor

LM-TP-ADP-01 (shown left)

Weber Throttle Position Sensor Adaptor for NON TPS Ignition only Harness. Must be fitted by us before dispatch.



Throttle Position Sensor Adaptor for bike carburettors on Duratec Ignition only engines.

Duratec Kits & Components List

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