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Duratec Taper Throttle 214bhp Kit
This is the first upgrade from fitting throttle bodies to the standard engine. We have found there is sufficient room in the engine due to the fact that the standard cams are designed for low emissions and run very low overlap. We have taken advantage of this to develop a camshaft with increased lift and duration, which gives a nice improvement to the Duratec engine without sacrificing its driveability.

The new camshafts are ground from blanks and come complete with verniers pulley as standard.

The kit comprises of MBE9A4 ECU, wiring harness, the SBD High specification taper throttle bodies, which includes throttle linkage kit and air horns, injectors, throttle position sensor, uprated rod bolts, camshafts & verniers pulleys.

The MBE9A4 ECU comes already programmed & ready to use.

CM-DUR02 Cam shafts
LM9A4-RWD-COP01 Duratec wiring harness


TP-DURA-2L-K3 top view
FR-3.5 & FR-MNT Fuel pressure regulator & mount INJ-330-P 330cc Peco injectors
AT1 Air temperature sensor PT1 Throttle position sensor RB-DURA-01K Duratec rod bolts
Download the Duratec Taper throttle body instruction sheet for more information.
2.0L Duratec 214bhp kit graph
These figures have been obtained on Griffin Motorsport Dyno
Bill Gouldthorpe engine

We can tailor the kit to your needs, email us for more information.

Bill Gouldthorpe had been running this kit in his Van Dieman RF96M, for the last few seasons. He upgraded to our 270+bhp kit for the 2008 season, before selling his car to Steve Miles, who is now running our TP290bhp kit.

Duratec Kits & Components List

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