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Duratec 2.0L Taper Throttle Injection Kits (TP Kits)
We now updated all our kits to run the high specification Duratec throttle bodies, we found that the higher spec kit was so good that we decided to replace our original taper throttle body system with the newer kit. This means that you will be able to upgrade your engine all the way to our highest level without the need for replacing the throttle bodies. This has the added advantage of the improvements that have been developed for improved throttle response and performance. The cost between the two kits is negligible and had the advantage of a built in throttle linkage.
For full details and specifications of our basic kit & upgrades, please click on the links below.
Duratec TP203bhp kit Duratec TP214bhp kit Duratec TP245bhp Kit Duratec TP270+ bhp kit
TP203bhp Kit TP214bhp Kit TP245bhp Kit TP270+bhp Kit
Duratec TP290+bhp kit Duratec TP307bhp kit
TP290+bhp Kit TP307bhp Kit
If you wish to upgrade an existing kit, please contact us for information & prices.
All these kits come complete with an MBE ECU which is already programmed & ready to use, however for our higher specification kits we would recommend a mapping session to fine-tune the engine.
These kits will yield their true potential only when used in conjunction with an exhaust manifold made to our design and a suitable exhaust system.
Please note that most of the kits do not include oil system upgrades, this is because it will depend on the type of car & the rules of the Championship you will be using it for but it is recommended that a Dry sump system is used if possible.
When setting up the throttle body kit, it is recommended you use a syncrometer as shown in the instruction sheets, they are available from us, part number CRB-SYNCRO. CRB-SYNCRO Syncrometer

Taper throttle bodies

Taper Throttle Bodies vs Parallel (Multi-throttle) Body type

What are the advantages?


Classic Ford included our Duratec kits in it's feature on Ultimate Street Engines in the July 2012. An excerpt is shown below with Classic Ford's permission

Big BHP numbers might give you bragging rights but is that really what you need for the street? We find out a lesser-spec may well be much better for point-to-point quickness....

The noise and power of a race-spec motor may well get you all excited, but on the street are you better off with something, dare we say, a bit detuned? And no we are not going soft, quite frankly, race engines are meant for race tracks and with good reason. You have to really consider what race-spec means. Ultimate tuning results in massive horsepower figures, but at the high end of the rpm scale. And that translates amongst other things into cams that don't come on song until 5000rpm and peak at a heady 9000-10000rpm. Coping with those extremes could mean wallet-busting steel components for the majority of classic Ford engines. But it's not just that - your car might even be slower in the short spurt type of road network we now heave. Mid-range power may well be better than ultimate numbers.

So let's look at just how far you can go for top-spec, livable horsepower that won't make you hate your car....

Classic Ford July 2012

Duratec - Ford's new-school engine can be as wild as you like on the road - with the right combination of parts, naturally.

This engine really represents the new order of thinking. According to specialists SBD Motorsport, you can almost go as wild as you like because their induction and engine management kits virtually smooth the engine out to the point where it's almost a pussycat to live with. SBD's Steve Broughton even reckons that applies to their 300bhp kit!

A completely standard Duratec will easily see 200bhp with merely an induction change - in this case that's almost exclusively throttle bodies. Steve reckons these can be massive and still retain excellent throttle response. They regularly fit 52mm bodies - although they favour their own taper design, helping no-end with response and driveability. With the right exhaust, the basic level of SBD tune is 203bhp and it moves on from there with a set of CM-DUR01 cams, raising the bar up to 215bhp, then beyond to 250-260 with CM-DUR02s. Steve reports that the standard cams are extremely mild to achieve the very low levels of emissions this engine is reowned for - therefore the margin for improvement is huge since this is a naturally excellent breathing engine.

Huge power comes with a CNC-ported head and steel components above 245bhp - and you can go to this with the proper combination of parts and mapping/engine management. Perhaps this then is our cut-off point because revs are needed beyond to get the most amount of power. So with this engine then it seems., it's not so much of what's a pig to live with, rather than how big's your wallet because apparently, virtually any level of tune can be tolerated.

Duratec Kits & Components List

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