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We have been developing the Duratec engine, and have produced a range of parts & kits designed especially for this engine.
View the article in Fast Ford for tuning advice
Duratec Basic Taper throttle kit & upgrades 2.4L Duratec 327bhp kit Duratec coil-on-plug wiring harness Management systems & wiring looms
2.0L Duratec TP203 to 307bhp engine kits 2.4L Duratec TP327bhp kit Duratec coil-on-plug wiring harness Management systems & Wiring Looms

Fuel injection kits Duratec Multi-throttle kit Cylinder Heads & components Duratec camshaft & valve train components
Fuel Injection Kits Duratec Multi-throttle engine kit Cylinder Heads & Components Camshafts & Valve train components

Duratec Pistons, Rods, Rod bolts & Bearings 2.4L Duratec Pistons & Con-rods Duratec crankshaft & components Cooling system components
2.0L Duratec Pistons, Rods & Bearings 2.4L Pistons & Rods Crankshaft & Components Cooling System components

Dry Sump Systems Duratec Wet sump systems Duratec coils, HT leads & spark plugs Duratec alternators & mounting kits
Dry Sump Systems Wet Sump Systems Coils, HT leads & Spark Plugs Alternators & Mounting Kits

Duratec Starter Motor Duratec flywheels & clutches Gearshift components Duratec Bellhousings & clutch components
Starter Motor Flywheels & clutches Flatshift Gear Knob Bellhousings & Clutch components

  Fuel system components Duratec engine mount kit Duratec exhaust manifold
  Fuel System components Engine Mount kit Exhaust Manifold
Duratec Specific Frequently Asked Questions
Instruction Sheets

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