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Duratec 2.0L TP203bhp Kit

The TP203 kit was developed on a standard new Duratec engine with no modifications other than fitting a set of uprated rod bolts & fitting an exhaust manifold of a 4-2-1 design. The engine was initially run with standard injectors, but they ran out of flow even when the fuel pressure was raised. We replaced the injectors with a high flow injector. These also have the advantage of being able to cope with increased performance if you upgrade your engine further, there is a choice of 2 injectors. If your vehicle is required to pass an IVA test, we would recommend the use of the peco injectors INJ-330-P (limited to approximately 250bhp), these help to control emissions. If however your engine is only for motorsport, then use the INJ-690-P peco injectors as these will allow you to achieve performance of over 300bhp.

We were very pleased with the results from the standard Duratec even though it didn't come up to the power of the 2.0L XE, you must remember that the camshafts fitted to the Duratec on the standard engine are designed for emissions and a cam change at a later date will release more performance.

2.0L Duratec Basic Taper Throttle Kit graph
These figures have been obtained on Griffin Motorsport Dyno

The TP203 kit has now been upgraded to our high specification taper throttle throttle bodies and comprises of SBD high specification taper throttle bodies, which include throttle linkage kit and air horns, MBE9A4 ECU, wiring harness, fuel regulator & mount FR-3.5 & FR-MNT, injectors, throttle position sensor and air temperature sensor. The MBE9A4 ECU comes already programmed & ready to use. Read about the kit in Classic Ford, 'The 200 Club'

We can tailor the kit to your needs, email us for more information.

Download the Duratec Taper throttle body instruction sheet for more information.

View Dyrr Ardash's Duratec powered Fiesta ST150

LM9A4-RWD-COP01 Duratec wiring harness


TP-DURA-2L-K3 top view
FR-3.5 & FR-MNT Fuel pressure regulator & mount
AT1 Air temperature sensor PT1 Throttle position sensor INJ-330-P 330cc Peco injectors

Recommended Options

You may wish to upgrade the rod bolts to heavy duty bolts which will allow you to increase the rev limit from 7250 to 7750.

Duratec ARP H/Duty Rod Bolt set 2.0L for standard rods

RB-DURA-01K Duratec rod bolts

BARO-SEN-1&-LM-BARO-ADP-01 Barometric Sensors

Barometric Sensors

If you are likely to be using the engine in situations when you are at altitude i.e. travelling abroad in the mountains, then you'll need to run this sensor to adjust the fuel mixture to compensate.

LM-BARO-ADP-01 Barometric adaptor lead to upgrade off the shelf harness

BARO-SEN-1 Barometric pressure sensor

Duratec 2.0L Exhaust Manifolds

These kits will only yield their true potential when used in conjunction with our exhaust manifold or one made to our design and a suitable exhaust system.

We have developed new high specification exhaust manifold, which when you purchase a kit we will provide information to allow you to have a manifold made to gain the ultimate performance from our kits. The drawings are available at a cost to customers who have not purchased a complete kit.


Dyrr Ardash Ford Fiesta Mk6

Email received from Dyrr Ardash, August 2010 who bought our 2.0L Duratec TP203 kit for his Ford Fiesta Mk.6 "ST150" race car.


Many thanks for Sat. It was good to come down and also see the SBD premises.

I'm chuffed to bits with the way the car felt. The driveability was the killer for me. Its a shame that Combe doesn't really need too much low down grunt. Thanks again and I'll let you know how I get on and also be in contact over the winter for some additional mods.

Dyrr Ardash
Duratec Kits & Components List

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