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Duratec 2.4L TP327bhp Kit

We have been asked by many customers about components for the larger capacity Duratec engines, but the 2.3L engines had the same bore size as the 2.0L and we felt that without an increase in bore size, the benefits would be smaller than hoped. Now that the 2.3L Duratec has been replaced by the 2.5L Duratec, this has a new bore size of 1.5mm bigger in diameter at 89mm. This gives the benefit of increased capacity, but its major benefit is that it opens up the area around the valves particularly when a larger valve size is used.

We started development on this engine and have spent nearly a year designing new products. The main area of redesign has been to produce a special slipper piston to reduce weight, thrust loads and vibration within the engine. It was decided not to use the original stroke of the 2.5L engine as it was too long for any high performance engines and would induce the potential for extra vibration, so we used the already proven stroke of the 2.3L version of the engine. Because we deal with various respected engine builders across the UK and even across the world, we already had a good understanding of what the bigger capacity 4-cylinder engine required as far as compression and cam design due to the products that we had developed for them to use. We decided when building the new engine, to use as many of the products as possible from our existing engine design and incorporate these into a new 2.4L version.

Duratec 2.4L TP327 graph
These figures have been obtained on DTW Engines Ltd dyno

Once the engine was finished, it was taken to DTW Engines Ltd at Harlow in Essex where Dave Wild ran the engine and Steve mapped it. Various tests were carried out, testing our latest exhaust manifold designs and selecting the most suitable design to give optimal performance. We were very pleased with the end result. The engine itself appeared to produce a lot less vibration that we had seen in the past from the bigger capacity engines and we were very pleased with the end results. Dave was also impressed as he had run and built quite a few of the 2.3L versions.

The TP327 kit comprises of our SBD high specification taper throttle bodies (which include throttle linkage kit and air horns), MBE9A4 ECU, wiring harness, fuel regulator & mount FR-3.5 & FR-MNT, injectors, slipper pistons, conrods, steel crankshaft and cylinder headwork along with various other components. The MBE9A4 ECU comes with a base program.

We can tailor the kit to your needs, email us for more information.

Download the Duratec Taper throttle body instruction sheet for more information.

LM9A4-RWD-COP01 Duratec wiring harness


TP-DURA-2L-K3 top view
FR-3.5 & FR-MNT Fuel pressure regulator & mount INJ-690-P 690cc Peco injectors
Durate cylinder head Duratec steel crankshaft
2.4L Duratec slipper pistons and con rods

Recommended Options

Crank Assembly Alignment

The standard crank assembly on the Duratec relies on a centre crank bolt being tightened sufficiently to hold the front pulley trigger wheel assembly, cam chain drive gear and crank in perfect alignment. In motorsport, this has several potential issues. It is quite likely that the loads and vibrations could cause these components to go out of alignment and at the very least cause a loss in performance, the chances are that everything could come completely loose causing catastrophic damage to your engine.

SBD offer a range of components and services to ensure perfect alignment for complete accuracy, this also helps to make the engine easier to assemble and removes the reliance on the crank bolt keeping everything aligned. Crank Components

BARO-SEN-1&-LM-BARO-ADP-01 Barometric Sensors

Barometric Sensors

If you are likely to be using the engine in situations when you are at altitude i.e. travelling abroad in the mountains, then you'll need to run this sensor to adjust the fuel mixture to compensate.

LM-BARO-ADP-01 Barometric adaptor lead to upgrade off the shelf harness

BARO-SEN-1 Barometric pressure sensor

Duratec 2.4L Exhaust Manifolds

This kit will only yield its true potential when used in conjunction with our exhaust manifold or one made to our design and a suitable exhaust system.

We have developed new high specification exhaust manifold, which when you purchase a kit we will provide information to allow you to have a manifold made to gain the ultimate performance from our kits. The drawings are available at a cost to customers who have not purchased a complete kit.

Duratec Kits & Components

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