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2.0L Duratec Cylinder Head & Components

We decided to develop the 2.0L Duratec a bit further in 2007. Simon, our cylinder head designer had done extensive work on the Duratec, the original standard valve head worked extremely well but since then he carried out further development & with the new high port head that we have found, this has allowed him to significantly improve the airflow of the cylinder head. We also used a slightly bigger valve on both inlet & exhaust, this gained a 15% increase in airflow over our current cylinder head that had been developed for our original 270 kit, but more importantly the airflow that we gained had not compromised airflow at lower valve lifts.

In order to get an exact result as possible, we took our existing engine which had been used all season in the SBD Westfield, replaced the cylinder head retaining all the original components used from the first build, then took the car back to Track’n’Road, where the car had originally been mapped & with the help of the 2 Steves made adjustments to the original programme on our MBE management system. The engine was initially run on 4 injectors, this showed 294bhp/189lbft, & then on 8 injectors which should 304bhp/195lbft. This showed a significant increase of approximately 20 bhp over the original tests. We are now developing the head further by running a bigger valve & have found that the 36.8mm valve is the largest size suitable to gain an increase in air flow. We have currently seen a 5% increase in flow over the 36mm valve head. Combined with other improvements in port shape, we expect to achieve up to 315bhp.

Duratec cylinder head

Prices are based on cylinder heads being supplied by customer, however we can supply new cylinder head, please contact us for details. All the Duratec head performance figures are based on the 2008-on Focus head. The high port castings number required are RF3S4G and RF6S4E, see picture right for where the numbers are printed on the 2008-on Focus high port head.

Earlier heads are likely to produce 10-15bhp less. The maximum performance figures shown are based on using our components; we cannot confirm what your gains would be with non-SBD components. The results should be similar for the 2.0L & 2.3L Duratec, just produced at different rpm. Please refer to our kits for more information.

Duratec Cylinder head numbers
HEAD-M-DURA-02-SV-CNC CNC port work on brand new head potential up to 275bhp
HEAD-M-DURA-01-SV-CNC CNC port work on used head, which requires seat cutting & therefore re-shimming potential up to 275bhp.
HEAD-M-DURA-01-BV-CNC CNC port work with +1mm valves (36/31mm), STD guides performance up to 305bhp
BLT-STUD-DUR-2.0L Head stud kit   BLT-MK-STUD-DUR-2.0L Main stud kit
Head stud kit for 2.0L Duratec. We have found on high output Duratec engines that small amounts of movement occurs between the head & block, which causes damage over time to the faces & gasket. This will eventually cause failure, so by replacing the head bolts with a head stud kit, this clamps the head & block assembly more securely. Main stud kit for 2.0L Duratec. With the higher rpm/load which comes from a tuned Duratec engine, we have seen movement between the block & main cap cradle, which would be catastrophic, so we have replaced the bolts with a stud kit, which clamps the block & cradle together securely.
BLT-STUD-DUR-2.0L Instruction Sheet BLT-MK-STUD-DUR-2.0L Instruction Sheet
INL-MAN-DUR-01 Duratec inlet manifold


Duratec Inlet Manifold 2.0/2.3L including o-rings

GSK10-DURA-020, 2.0L Duratec cylinder head gasket


Standard Head Gasket for 2.0L/2.3L Duratec

GSK3-DURA-C Metal Cometic exhaust manifold gasket
High Specification Metal Cometic Exhaust manifold gasket for 2.0L Duratec with no cut-out for EGR thus improved for competition use
Duratec Kits & Components List

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