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2.0L Duratec Cylinder Head & Components

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Duratec cylinder head

Prices are based on cylinder heads being supplied by customer, however we can supply new cylinder head, please contact us for details. All the Duratec head performance figures are based on the 2008-on Focus head. The high port castings number required are RF3S4G and RF6S4E, see picture right for where the numbers are printed on the 2008-on Focus high port head.

Earlier heads are likely to produce 10-15bhp less. The maximum performance figures shown are based on using our components; we cannot confirm what your gains would be with non-SBD components. The results should be similar for the 2.0L & 2.3L Duratec, just produced at different rpm. Please refer to our kits for more information.

Duratec Cylinder head numbers
BLT-STUD-DUR-2.0L Head stud kit BLT-MK-STUD-DUR-2.0L Main stud kit
Head stud kit for 2.0L Duratec. Main stud kit for 2.0L Duratec.

GSK10-DURA-020, 2.0L Duratec cylinder head gasket


Standard Head Gasket for 2.0L/2.3L Duratec

GSK3-DURA-C Metal Cometic exhaust manifold gasket
High Specification Metal Cometic Exhaust manifold gasket for 2.0L Duratec
Duratec Kits & Components List

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