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Duratec Camshafts, Springs, Caps & Valves
Duratec camshaft kit 1

These cams have been designed for use with throttle bodies with no internal modifications required to the engine. We would normally expect to see approx 15bhp increase. Includes Vernier Pulley.

Note: These could be used on a standard intake system but only with the use of a motorsport ECU.

SBD Camshaft timing & lift information

SBD Duratec display engine
CM-DUR01 2.0L 16V Inlet cam 10.07mm lift 262 degrees duration Standard pistons, valve springs, caps & platforms.
CM-DUR01 2.0L 16V Exhaust cam 10.07mm lift 262 degrees duration
Duratec camshaft kit 3

We developed this camshaft kit over time as a rally cam & although the duration of the cam is quite long we have found it to be one of the most flexible profiles we sell today ideal for use in engines being used from fast road track day engines all the way up to full tarmac & race engines. The engine is extremely driveable throughout the entire rev range & is used in our TP245 kit, TP270 kit & TP290 kit. We have found this to be our most popular selling cam profile.

This cam requires valve spring, cap & platform kit VLS-CS-P-DUR-02K or VLSK-DUR-01K (see below). Also requires rod & piston upgrade. Can only be used on engines with throttle bodies. Includes Vernier Pulley.

SBD Camshaft timing & lift information

CM-DUR02 Duratec camshafts
CM-DUR03 2.0L 16V Inlet cam 11.98mm lift 310 degrees duration Omega Pistons Comp 12.2:1, valve spring, cap & platform set VLS-CS-P-DUR-02K or VLSK-DUR-01K
CM-DUR03 2.0L 16V Exhaust cam 11.27mm lift 294 degrees duration
Duratec camshaft kit 4

This cam profile was designed over several years of development to push the Duratec over 300bhp, not only do they produce high power output but a large power spread as well. In order to do this the lift of the inlet camshaft is over 13mm & the exhaust cam profile over 12.5mm which must be used with a special spring, cam & platform kit VLSK-DUR-01K that we have designed (see below). To achieve the full performance from this cam profile, it is recommended that it is only used with high end components, please look at our TP307 kit or contact us for further details.

Cylinder head modification will be required in most cases to allow lobe clearance within the head casting.

SBD Camshaft timing & lift information

CM-DUR04 Duratec camshaft kit
CM-DUR04 2.0L 16V Inlet cam 13.20mm lift, 300 degrees duration Omega Pistons Comp 12.75:1, valve spring, cap & platform set VLSK-DUR-01K
CM-DUR04 2.0L 16V Exhaust cam 12.50mm lift, 290 degrees duration
Valve Spring, Cap & Platform Sets
VLSK-DUR-01K Duratec valve spring, cap & platform set SBD have designed a new special steel alloy valve cap for the high specification Duratec engines.  The cap is ultra-lightweight, but stronger and more durable than titanium. In combination with our special double dual rate valve spring and platform to give the correct installed height, the new kit will allow for even greater control of the valve train on high performance engines. VLSK-DUR-01K single

Picture right shows how the stem seal fits into the valve spring, cap and platform set.

(Stem seal not included in kit)

VLSK-DUR-01K single with stem seal
VLS-CS-P-DUR-02K Double valve spring, steel cap & platform set

Duratec double valve spring, steel cap & platform set (shown left)

Duratec valve spring installed height calculator

CM-DURA-CHAIN1 Duratec cam chain


Duratec cam chain

CM-DURA-CHAIN-TEN Duratec cam chain tensioner

CM-DURA-CHAIN-TEN (shown left)
Cam chain tensioner for 2.0L/2.3L Duratec

Heavy duty manual cam chain tensioner for 2.0L/2.3L Duratec.

Duratec Inlet & Exhaust Valves


We have recently improved the valve design for all our popular range of valves for the Duratec. The stem size has been redesigned from the head of the valve to where the stem begins to enter the guide, this has been done to strengthen the valve for improved longevity.

VLV-DURA-02IN-A - Duratec 2.0L 36mm (+1mm) Inlet valve

VLV-SS-DURA-02 Duratec stem seals
Ford Duratec Valve Stem Seals, standard - Set of 16

VLV-DURA-03EX - Duratec 2.0L 31mm (+1mm) Short Exhaust valve

VLV-DURA-03IN - Duratec 2.0L 37.0mm (+2mm) Inlet valve

Duratec 2.0L Standard size race valves, superior quality valve, recommended replacement for the standard valve for competition use.
VLV-849 Inlet valve 35mm
VLV-850 Exhaust valve 29.96mm

Duratec Kits & Components List

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