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Bellhousings & Clutch components
BELH-DURA-01 Duratec bellhousing

The Duratec bellhousings we produce are for coupling to the Ford Type gearbox. There are 2 lengths of bellhousings.

The short version (173cm) BELH-DURA-02 (shown left) is for use with the Ford gearboxes RS2000 4 speed & Sierra 5 speed.

The long version (192cm) BELH-DURA-01 is for use with the Ford V6 gearbox (Caterham normally use this length) or if you wish to mount the engine further away from the gearbox & you are having a gearbox specially built with a long input shaft.

Important note: It should be noted that if you have a Quaife gearbox, the input shaft quite often comes with a long spigot, this may need to be shortened by the user as it will bottom out in the end of the crankshaft. Care must be taken when checking the bellhousing length required, that the spigot shaft is not giving a false reading making it appear that the bellhousing you require is actually shorter than measured.

Bellhousing to block bolt kit.


CLT-HCA-SAB (left)
Clutch hydraulic slave cylinder for Saab bearing only

CLT-RB4 (right)
Saab Release Bearing suitable for hydraulic slave cylinder CLT-HCA-SAB. for use with standard production clutches.

CLT-RB4 Saab release bearing CLT-HCS-11.5 Spacer for hydraulic clutch slave
Hydraulic clutch slave 11.50mm spacer to suit Duratec 5.5" clutch

CLT-HCA-40-HD Hydraulic clutch slave cylinder CLT-RB-LL-42.0-40 Round release bearing for Super Clutch CLT-RB-CO-47.6-40 Release bearing for AP Clutches
Heavy duty hydraulic clutch slave cylinder, this is designed for a 40mm internal diameter bearing.
Heavy Duty all steel round release bearing 42mm Fulcrum which has an internal diameter of 40mm. Suitable for Super Clutch 7.25" & 5.5" clutches.
Heavy Duty all steel round release bearing 47mm Fulcrum which has an internal diameter of 40mm. Suitable for AP Clutches.
Duratec Kits & Components List

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