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2.4L Duratec Pistons & Rods
Bore Preparation for all Omega Pistons
PIST-OM-DUR-89.00SLS 2.4L Duratec slipper pistons


2.4L Duratec Slipper Piston

We have been ask for some time about the larger capacity Ford Duratec engines, the 2.3L was discontinued and replaced by the 2.5L engine. SBD looked at the 2.5L in detail and decided that the bore size was a nice improvement, but the stoke was to long for a serious competition engine. Since we wanted to achieved the best all around performance from the larger capacity engine it was decided to use the stroke of the 2.3L version and design a new Slipper piston to give optimal performance with the correct compression for a large capacity 4 cylinder. We took many of the components from our top spec 2.0L Duratec and developed the 2.4L version to 327BHP (previously shown on face book)


2.4L Duratec Con-rod

To allow the use of the new Slipper piston for our 2.4L version, we designed a new con-rod, this is only available with the high spec ARP625+ bolts to cope with the high loads of high RPM and the forces exerted by the long engine stroke. It weighs 511g.

Torque settings for rod bolts used ROD-FD-2.4DUR-158S-01

ROD-FD-2-4DUR-158S-01 2.4L Duratec Con-rods
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