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Vauxhall Wet Sump Pans
SMP-1 Steel sump pan
SMP-2K Sump pan
Steel sump pan for 2.0L 8v-16v XE
Sump pan cast to suit Westfield, includes baffle & oil pickup pipe 2.0L 16v. Height 100mm


Due to continued interest in the XE conversion in Escorts and similar RWD cars, the winged Opel Manta sump has been recast.   It is almost an identical copy of the GM version but with a slight increase in wall thickness which gives added strength. 

This sump pan is ideal for those wishing to use their cars for road use as it is an economic way of installing the 2.0L XE into an Escort or similar cross membered based car.

SMP-3 inside view

The sump pan has been recast due to its popularity and although baffle plates could be added, this involves design, development and testing to produce something that will be never as good as dry sump.  Since we are predominately a motorsport company, we would not recommend any form of wet sump for motorsport use and the only occasions where wet sump is used in competition is where the rules insist on it.  The amount of money that is then spend by the manufacturer to make a wet sump capable of surviving in motorsport conditions involve a huge amount costs in designing and developing such a system, which can still never be as good as dry sump. If you intend on using your car for competition or track use, SBD only recommend the use of dry sump. 2.0L XE Dry sump systems

The depth of the sump pan is 145mm, see picture right for where the measurement was taken.

This is for the casting only, please follow links for how to modify your standard pick up pipe and windage tray for use with this sump.

Modifications to standard pick up pipe and windage tray

SMP-3 depth

GSK5-C Cometic sump gasket
Oil Way Plugs  
OS-PLG-1 Oil way plug - small for plugging head oil ways 10 x 1.0mm
OS-PLG-2 Oil way plug - large for blocking oil ways 14 x 1.5mm
Sump gasket, 2 required
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