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2.0L Vauxhall Crankshafts & Bearings
CRK-1 2.0L Vauxhall Steel Crankshaft


2.0L XE 16v Ultra lightweight steel crankshaft with narrow big end journals. Stoke:86.00mm. Weight: 12.7kg.

The CRK-1 crankshaft was developed by SBD Motorsport many years ago but it is one of the lightest and strongest crankshafts around and we have found it to be ultra-reliable. It has had small developments over the years, which have aided the smooth running of the engine and helped to produce evermore performance. It uses standard width main bearings and narrow journal big ends. The narrow journals on the big ends are perfectly suitable to the rods available for our slipper piston and rod combination. You can modify one of our standard width ROD-VX-2.0L-143S con-rods for use with this crankshaft, if required.

The crankshaft is also designed without an internal trigger wheel, this was done for several reasons; it allows the weight of the crankshaft to be significantly reduced, it also means that the internal trigger wheel, which is prone to fatigue issues when used at sustained rpm is removed. Please follow link for external trigger wheel set up.

SBD are stocking Mahle high quality LC bearings for mains & big end. We will use the same specification bearing across our entire range of engines including our top specification kit.
Main Bearings
Big End Bearings
BRG-M1 Heavy duty main bearings
BRG2 Bigend bearings
Part No Description
BRG-M1 Heavy duty Lead copper bearings 2.0L 16v & 8v 0.00s>
BRG-M1.25 Heavy duty Lead copper bearings 2.0L 16v 0.25mm
BRG-M1.50 Heavy duty Lead copper bearings 2.0L 16v 0.50mm
Part No Description
BRG2 Bigend bearing set 2.0L narrow 19.2 wide Lead copper STD +0.00 (shown above)
BRG2.25 Bigend bearing set narrow Lead cooper +0.25 2.0L

Mahle Motorsport Bigend Bearing SET Narrow(19.20) 2.0L XE STD 0.00

Mahle motorsport have produced selected bearing types in an ultra high grade hand made versions. These are only produced in limited quantity and are recommended for use on very high specification engines, where a benefit in having ultra high tolerance bearings can add piece of mind when building a top of the range engine.

BRG2.00-R Mahle motorsport bigend bearings
2.0L Vauxhall Components

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