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Vauxhall Carburettor Kits

The carburettor kits listed in this section are to give you a guide as to what can be done with your engine, if you wish to or have to use carburettors, due to the rules that may govern the particular championship you have decided to compete in. We can design a special engine that will work to its maximum within the limits allowed by your championship. For example if your engine has to work within a rev limit of say 7500 rpm there is no point in having it generate peak power at 8000 rpm. You may have a choke size limit on your engine so the design must be carefully worked out & then extensively tested on the dynamometer. It's not just a question of throw in an old tried & trusted cam profile and expect it to just miraculously do everything you wants. This obviously costs money but winning championships is never cheap.

There is now a limited choice of carburettors available, in our opinion the Vauxhall engine works best on Weber 45s as opposed to the 48s which are based on a SP50 body. We have arranged through Weber to have available the DCOE 45s built as pairs, these have special progression control, they also come as standard with jetting & chokes to suit the Vauxhall engine. This would appear to be more expensive than the off-the-shelf version. The off-the-shelf items are sold singly usually as a left hand carburettor & would only come with whatever jets & chokes that are available on the production line. The extra cost required to make them suitable could run into hundreds of pounds.

If you are not restricted to carburettors please look at the Taper Injection Kits, as you will produce more BHP for your money. Carburettors are a false economy.

Distributor less Ignition Kits
This kit will let you run your Vauxhall engine without a distributor. The MBE ECU comes programmed & ready to run. This has two main advantages the first, most obvious, is if you are restricted on space e.g. a bulkhead on Escort, Manta or similar, where the distributor might foul you will be able to fit the coil pack to one side of the engine or away from it altogether. Secondly a distributor less system has no moving parts & no gaps for a spark to jump (except for plug gap) there is less chance of the system to breaking down. This kit is suitable for the 2.0L 16v XE & LN (Astra, Cavalier & Calibra), 1.4, 1.6 & 2.0L 16v ECOTEC engines.

*Please specify your engine type & specification including coil type upon ordering e.g. 2.0L 16v Astra, Standard engine with heavy-duty rod bolts fitted.
CK-IGN Distributorless Ignition only kit
COIL-4 Ignition coil
2.0L Vauxhall engines
If you are running a distributor driven engine you will need our COIL-4 ignition coil. However if you already have distributorless engine, the original coil could be used, although we would recommend the use of our COIL-4 as it is more reliable. 2.0L Coil Mounting Kits

1.4L-1.6L Vauxhall engines
You may wish to replace the standard Corsa coil with our more reliable COIL-4, which suits distributorless engines. 1.4L & 1.6L Coil Mounting Kits

Optional Extras
Throttle potentiometers
LM-TP-ADP-01 Throttle position sensor adaptor
Throttle potentiometers
PT4 kit for Weber 40/45 DCOE
PT5 kit for Dellorto DHLA's
PT6 kit for Weber 48/48DCOE & SPs
Weber TPS Adaptor for Ignition only Harness
For 2.0L: Carburettor Basic Kit & Recommended Options | 1st upgrade | 2nd Upgrade
For 1.6L: Carburettor Basic Kit & Recommended Options | 1st upgrade | 2nd Upgrade
For 1.4L: Carburettor Basic Kit & Recommended Options | 1st upgrade | 2nd Upgrade
2.0L Vauxhall Components | 1.6L & 1.4L Vauxhall Components

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